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  • F1's Greatest Lap? Ayrton Senna at Donington 1993

    F1’s Greatest Lap? Ayrton Senna at Donington 1993

    Remembering Ayrton Senna’s sensational opening lap of Donington Park at the European Grand Prix in April 1993. On the 11th of April 1993 the Formula 1 world witnessed something that would never be forgotten among motorsport fanatics. It was the third round of the 1993 Formula One season and Ayrton Senna went on to win the […]

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    Chase Carey thinking pose

    9 things you did NOT know about Chase Carey

    So, someone just bought your favorite sport in the world for 8 billion dollars. The one thing that makes you happy after a long week of working for the man and trying to represent an somewhat decent adult. Someone just bought that. Well, almost all of it and that someone is called Chase Carey. Meanwhile what are you doing? Surfing on […]

  • Man with tin foil

    Tim Foil Hat: A certain future for F1 with Liberty Media?

      Liberty Media has announced its future master plans for F1 The future plans of Liberty Media for F1 are surprisingly vague. A press statement revealed a slight lifting of the veil and a few key points: Expand social media footprint, A move that was 100% to be expected, not something spectacular but a solid […]

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    Bernie Ecclestone showing the bad finger

    New F1 owners flipping out over Bernie Ecclestone

    Chase Carey flipping out over Bernie Ecclestone. Ecclestone’s hair is “wack”, his jewelery is “wack”, even his footsteps have been criticized. But look for yourself. New Formula 1 owner flipping out over Bernie Ecclestone September 18, 2016 Be aware, this is just satire which we might do once per day in the future.

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    Kimi Räikkönen 10 hour long interview

    Best interview in the career of Kimi Räikkönen

    Most of you know that Kimi Räikkönen isn’t particularly a big talker. Fans of the Iceman demand “more”, but all he delivers is “mwoah”. This 10 hour long interview with him will definetely fix your graving for more Kimi 😀

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