Sergio Perez almost quit F1 after McLaren

“McLaren was a massive hit for my career”

Sergio Perez’s time at McLaren massive hit for career which almost caused him to quit F1.

After Sergio “Checo” Perez entered Formula 1 in 2012 with a big bang. He landed his first F1 podium finish rather quickly at the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix with Sauber. The Formula 1 world applauded “The Mexican Wunderkind”.

McLaren watched closely until they hired Perez for the 2013 season. Everything looked bright for the young Mexican but the 2013 season at McLaren turned out to be a massive hit for Perez’s career. Not a single podium finish by the McLaren 2013 car meant that the praised Wunderkind got replaced by Kevin Magnussen in 2014.