Brazilian Car Fanatic Puts F1 Car On Ceiling Of Penthouse

This is all sorts of amazing

Brazilian’s are clearly among the most passionate Formula 1 fans on the planet. No wonder, if you live in a country that brought up legends like Ayrton Senna. But it’s not only the Brazilian drivers who know how to amaze fellow motorsport fanatics. This Brazilian is so in love with Formula 1 (and obviously Ayrton Senna), that he decided to get a replica of Senna’s John Player Special Lotus.

But as if that wouldn’t be enough, the story continues. The passionate F1 fan, who is said to go by the name of Raul, decided to lift the Formula 1 car up to his penthouse so he can be around it 24/7. God knows how many storeys the car has been lifted, but clearly the only way in is through the windows.

Now you must be thinking “man, that’s really crazy, I wish I had a replica of a Senna car in my home”. But that’s still not the whole story. Apart from getting the replica racecar built, delivered and lifted up what looks to be a skyscraper of a building, this (may we say: incredible) F1 fan decided to but it on the ceiling of his apartment.

One can only speculate if he did it because Brazil is mostly on the southern half of the hemisphere and things should be mirrored there compared to the north, or if all he wanted is, to be able to look at this magnificient piece of art, while he’s laying on his sofa. Clearly it’s a dream of every real F1 fan to sleep in, while you analyse every detail of such an historic car.

All in all, this is just amazing and shows a fan level of over 94.000 for which we congratulate this fellow F1 fanatic. If you read this: We envy you, but we’re happy for you as well. Would you put an F1 car in your apartment if you had the money to do so?