9 things you did NOT know about Chase Carey

He is running your favorite sport so you better get to know him

So, someone just bought your favorite sport in the world for 8 billion dollars. The one thing that makes you happy after a long week of working for the man and trying to represent an somewhat decent adult. Someone just bought that. Well, almost all of it and that someone is called Chase Carey. Meanwhile what are you doing? Surfing on RaceFeeder, watching the “Top 5 F1 Overtakes Of The Last 5 Years“.

We can’t blame you for “RaceFeeder and Chill” but first, let’s get to know Chase Carey.

  1. Chase Carey, among millions of other people, calls “The Simpsons” the “best written show in television history.”
  2. He was the COO at FOX in the 1990’s and helped to launch Fox News and Fox Sports
  3. Carey is said to sometimes drink a can (or bottle?) of beer during his commuter train ride home (do you think Bernie took commuter train rides?)
  4. Chase was playing rugby for Colgate University
  5. Mister Carey holds a master’s degree from Harvard
  6. BFF, Buddy and Bro of Rubert Murdoch
  7. Carey is a native New Yorker, a Yankees fan and assumedly subscriber of Casey Neistat on YouTube
  8. His epic mustache not only makes many guys quite jealous, but also reminds us of Tobias van Schneider’s even more epic beard. The kind of beard Chase sports is called a handlebar mustache.
  9. He, unlike Juan, only ever attended one Formula 1 race.

So, after you learned all of this, do you think one could say, Formula 1 is better of with one guy like this or would you prefer one like Juan with one or more races experience in Formula One, Juan? If you are confused by now, you need to get on YouTube right now and Google “Juan one Formula 1” or you just click here, because we did that for you already: Juan Pablo Montoya 2004 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix